Companion Training

Flying Companions Course

The Flying Companions Course is for those who are not pilots but are or will be flying regularly in light aircraft as a passenger. The aim of the course is to provide:

  • Familiarisation with aeroplanes
  • Awareness of safety aspects associated with aeroplanes and flying
  • A rudimentary understanding of flying, sufficient to fly and land the aeroplane
  • Sufficient expertise to cope with a pilot incapacitation

Although the course does not in itself lead to a pilot’s licence it must be conducted by a qualified Flight Instructor. It is appreciated that some flying companions may wish to continue training for the PPL and the hours flown on the course may be counted towards that qualification. However, it should be noted that the syllabus is an abridged version of the early flight exercises and ground studies for the PPL and covers only parts of the training requirements for the EASA PPL.

The syllabus requires 5 hours ground school and 10 hours dual flight instruction and will include:

  • Principles of flight
  • Aeroplane systems and instrumentation
  • Taxiing
  • In flight manoeuvres (climbing, descending, turning)
  • Take-off and landing
  • Coping with emergency situations